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Have you ever come across a situation in which you had to combine a large set of images into one printable document, in which case you had to import them into one document one by one, place them individually and then save it for printing?

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If you have faced the above situation and found it so daunting that you’d rather not go through the trouble than doing it again, this simple and easy-to-use Image to PDF Converter may be the right tool for you.

Image to PDF Converter is a simple program, which can combine a heap of images into one document and convert it to PDF. This program can work with most frequently used image formats and it can convert multiple images into one document complete with PDF Information like Title, Subject, Author and Keywords.

In order to create a PDF document by converting a set of images into PDF, all you have to do is select the images you want to combine in the document, and then click Convert to get a single PDF document that contains all the images you selected.

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The attractive and self explanatory user interface on Image to PDF Converter makes the whole experience many-folds easier for anybody who needs to create one printable document in PDF file format containing a collection of images; beit lecture notes, invoices, charts etc.

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