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People often enable password protection on important Word Documents they create, and as much often as enabling encryption some people forget the password they added to their document. Word Password Unlocker is a program that can help such users recover the password they added to the Word Document.

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Multiple Version Support

Word Password Unlocker offers password recovery on all Word Documents irrespective of Microsoft Office version. For example, DOC files as well as DOCX files are equally supported, and Word Password Unlocker can be used on either type to recover the password of the encrypted file.

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Faster Recovery with the power of GPU and Multi-core CPU

The power of multi-core CPUs and GPUs can be harnessed by Word Password Unlocker where necessary to run its algorithms more efficiently and faster than most other password unlocker programs available for Word Documents (DOCX files).

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Easy to Use

All you have to do when using Word Password Unlocker is select the file you want to open by either browsing or by dragging and dropping the file onto the interface and then selecting and running the algorithm you want to use with the file. All you need to do next is wait until this simple piece of software finds the password to open the important Word document you need to access.

Multiple Password Recovery Methods

After selecting the file to open, you can select the method to attack the encrypted file in order to recover the password to open the file. There are 3 main methods that you can use when attacking a password protected, encrypted file:

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