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ZIP Password Unlocker is an essential tool for those who have lost themselves out of a ZIP, RAR, or 7z file by losing the password to open the archive. It is a simple, yet effective program which helps you recover the password of the file by trying its built-in algorithms at a faster rate than any other password unlocking software for ZIP, RAR, or 7z files.

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Encrypted ZIP files, RAR files and 7z files that require a password to open are great as long as you can remember the password. However, if you ever happen to forget the password, such files tend become absolute nightmares, specially if the content of those files were utmost important. The thing is, such instances are not very uncommon and people regularly find themselves in similar situations where they need to open an encrypted ZIP, RAR, or 7z file containing important data, but they have lost the password to open the file.

Multiple File Type Support

ZIP Password Unlocker can work with any ZIP, RAR, or 7z file no matter which algorithm or program was used to create the compressed file.

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Faster Recovery with the power of GPU and Multi-core CPU

ZIP Password Unlocker is a powerful piece of software which utilizes the efficiency of multi-core CPUs and GPUs to run its algorithms and this ability the software has, reduces the time duration required to recover the password by a considerable amount. It is guaranteed that ZIP Password Unlocker will help you to recover the password to open the ZIP, RAR, or 7z file faster than most other software in the similar category.

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Easy to Use

Despite its power and effectiveness, ZIP Password Unlocker comes with a user-interface that is both attractive and self-explanatory. This user-friendliness of the program allows its users to simply drag and drop the file they need to open onto ZIP Password Unlocker and select either of its three Attack Modes to try. They can accomplish their task in a matter of a few clicks because of this simplicity.

Multiple Password Recovery Methods

After selecting the file to open, you can select the method to attack the encrypted file in order to recover the password to open the file. There are 3 main methods that you can use when attacking a password protected, encrypted file:

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